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the likeness of their iPad name for the LaunchPAD name, and that the sex toy makers market these strap-ons with Apple devices: You simply place the iPad into their holder and the rest. This new wave of virtual love making has been labelled "technosexuality" - or, to others, "perversion". The VR Tenga is a device which you place on your intimate parts for stimulation, and it comes paired with Oculus Rift virtual reality goggles so you can choose the immersive video you wish to accompany the sensations. Sex with robots will be more popular than human-human sex in 2050. "That's why Tenga is here.". Those of you who have been on the internet for a long time will no doubt notice the similarities between the horse in the video above, and the Sybian saddle. Daron Lundeen, president of, camSoda, said: 'This replicates a real life experience creating pulsating vibrations on each end with each person. The entire device is controlled by a gearbox which includes an instant speed reducer in case it all becomes a bit too much for the receiver. Next up, we have a beautiful contraption from Japanese company Tenga, which combines an erotic video game, a Fleshlight-like contraption, and the Oculus Rift to create well, Ill just let you watch the video so you can see for yourself (nsfw). As component costs come down, and as high-profile devices like the Oculus Rift stoke the imaginations of technophiles everywhere, it is now high time for VR to make the jump from military applications to gaming and sex. The toy allows you to team up with a partner, as they work your vibrator's controls via an app. Those who wish to see what happens inside their partners' bodies - for whatever reason! Virtual reality, tweeting fridges, driverless cars, amazing 'roll-up' TV screen. 8 Svakom Gaga m, possibly up there in the most bizarre devices ever, The Gaga is a penetrative vibrator that also includes a video camera. So, it's no surprise that the Yui Hatano Japanese P*rn Star has had big sales online.

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    Virtual reality is set to. The point of illusion VR..

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